Investing in gold is the best choice for long-term savings. This is because the value of precious metals tends to remain constant and can increase over time. Saving precious metals is an ideal investment for beginners. because it is safer than stock Encryption and the like, where values ​​are often not constant.

Saving gold is not only physical (bars) but also online through banks. So the system is more or less like saving money, the difference will be discussed further in this reading. One of the banks that offers gold investment services is BRI, which can be done on credit with a simple and secure process.

Interested in investing in gold at BRI banks? Here are all the steps.

BRI’s Gold Savings Summary

BRI Gold Savings is one of the safest and easiest alternatives to precious metals investments. The system of saving precious metals is in the form of installments. It aims to encourage Indonesians to start investing in gold for long-term savings. In addition, the value is relatively stable and has to increase from time to time. Although the decline in value is not too far away.

Of course, if you open a precious metal savings account at BRI Bank it is safe, especially for beginners who are new to investing. So you don’t have to worry about doing this because later BRI will also help and explain the type of gold savings.

Precious metal products supplied by BRI are guaranteed authentic as they are produced directly from PT Aneka Tambang Persero with a minimum purchase of 10 grams (can be paid in installments). cash Then the remaining 80% will be paid in installments based on the age option agreed upon.

for more information This BRI Gold Investment Service is a product of Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI) since February 1, 2021, as previously operated by BRI Syariah. All procedures are carried out through a contract of sale. (murabaha contract) but don’t worry BSI is best bank for gold investment online via app Mobile.

Conditions for opening BRI Gold Savings

The existence of BRI Syariah Gold Savings through Installment System provides many conveniences for those who wish to invest. Besides being relatively easy Precious metal savings at BSI are also very safe. Even going out of business is easy.

Considering the many benefits of taking advantage of BSI’s gold savings, wouldn’t you mind doing it for a long-term investment?

If interested, the following conditions must be met first:

  • Indonesian citizens (WNI) are at least 21 years old and not more than 55 years old as evidence of a National Identity Card (KTP).
  • Up to 70 years for retirement clients
  • Up to 60 years for self-employed and professional clients
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) if financing more than IDR 50,000,000
  • A down payment of 20% of the total gold price can be made.
  • The maximum payment is IDR 150,000,000.
  • Precious metal investment period 1-5 years
  • Try to have a BSI account and savings book.

In terms of paying 20% ​​DP before above, the source of funds must come from the client’s personal funds. Therefore, there is no debt from the bank. Try to keep your credit history good. And you have no history of outstanding debt on other loan platforms to make the gold credit process easy.

Complete these requirements by bringing the original documents or copy-Anya comes directly to the nearest BRI branch office to proceed with the gold investment process.

How to open BRI Gold Savings

Have you prepared all the requirements? Next, follow the steps to do it. Saving gold BSI (From BRI Syariah) Below so as not to be misunderstood.

1. Come to the nearest BRI bank branch office.

The first thing to do is to go to the nearest BRI bank branch office in your domicile, bringing all the required documents at the previous point in both original and physical form. Print edition. After that, ask the security guard about how to save gold at BSI. After that, the security guard will order you to get the queue number first.

If you don’t have a BSI account, you’ll be asked to create one first. You will then be asked to fill out a new account opening form. You will be asked to wait in line to go to customer service BSI

2. Follow the steps to open a gold savings account through customer service

come customer service Follow the order of the queue by bringing all the files and forms to proceed with the gold investment. customer service It describes the procedure for doing this. payment method and repayment period for customers As well as some advantages of investing in gold in BSI, complete all the steps. And try not to forget to read all the terms and conditions carefully.

3. Pay and choose installment

If you have submitted the file, complete the form and follow the department’s instructions. customer service BSI, the next step is to make payments and choose a repayment period. Please note that the minimum amount of pure gold that can be used as savings through BSI is 10 grams.

You will be asked to make a down payment of 20% of the total gold price in cash with the source of funds coming from the client’s personal funds. (not finance or bank loans) so try to have a good credit history to The process was not interrupted. The remaining 80% will be paid in installments according to the age chosen by the contract.

Done. Now you can save gold at BRI with credits. Easy, right?

Advantages of saving gold BRI

Some of the advantages of having a BRI Syariah or BSI gold savings are not simply because the value tends to be stable and easy to liquidate. Check out other benefits below!

1. Easy to dissolve

Gold is a precious metal for investment with sufficient liquidity. Therefore, it can be settled in the form of cash or ingots. nevertheless You cannot use it as a legal auction or payment.

Gold savings can be withdrawn at any time called Buy back. learn too how to sell gold and profitable strategies If the manufacturer is from Antam, they can be sold to Antam boutiques, Aneka Tambang headquarters, or to Islamic banks.

2. No additional interest rates

Interestingly, if the gold investment in the bank is not deducted from the interest rate so that customers can still benefit. Precious metals should be an investment asset. so when you sell it Its value will depend on how much gold you have at that moment.

3. Able to save gold online

Gold Savings at BRI Syariah or BSI are very suitable for those who do not have a special place to store precious metals in physical form. This is definitely safer to avoid unwanted things like theft and loss of gold.

Gold savings can be stored in online banking and the ups and downs can be monitored online through the app. Therefore, customers can track price fluctuations anytime, anywhere.

4. The value tends to be stable.

Gold is a precious metal with constant value. Not surprisingly, it is used as a long-term savings asset. Its fluctuations tend to fluctuate from time to time, often not far away. for beginners Investing in gold is safer than other investment products.

5. Easy pledge anytime

It was previously described that gold is an easy-to-melt asset, so whenever you need money, You can pledge any time at Pegadaian or through Islamic banks.

BRI Syariah Gold Savings has been integrated with Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI), which places emphasis on Islamic law in the investment process. Therefore, the payment system is through down payments and installments. If you want to invest in precious metals You can follow the steps above and go to the nearest BSI branch office. Hope this reading helps!


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