Just like other Chromium browsers, Microsoft Edge Chromium also has pdf reader default which is even rich in features in it when compared to other chromium browsers.

But friends, regarding this feature, starting in March 2023, Microsoft Edge will get more new PDF features and of course it’s better than now, this is because Microsoft recently cooperate new to Adobe, where later Adobe Acrobat PDF Engine will power the default PDF Reader from Microsoft Edge.

With Adobe Acrobat PDF technology in Microsoft Edge, it will make all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users get more abundant features, such as Edit with Acrobat integration, converting PDF format to other file formats, and others.

According to Microsoft, this improvement is very important for modern businesses, besides that PDF itself is a universal format that can be read on almost all systems, so upgrading the PDF Reader in Microsoft Edge is a necessary step.

So let’s wait for this improvement in March 2023, will there be something new that can make PDF Reader on Edge better, or do we have to pay for features extra inside it? let’s see what it will be like.

via: Microsoft


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