Although Microsoft last year confirmed that Windows 11 Will Have an LTSC Versionbut the version is still a mystery because one year since the release of Windows 11 itself, the follow-up news from Windows 11 LTSC is almost said to be no progress.

At least that was until yesterday, because some time ago, leaker @XenoPanther revealed that it seems that Microsoft is secretly preparing Windows 11 LTSC.

In the image shared by XenoPanther, which is sourced from the ntdef.h kernel header of the Windows SDK, there appears to be a Windows 11 SKU with the words “IOTENTRERPRISEK” with the Hex ID “0x000000CD”. According to Xeno, this IOTENTERPRISEK leads to the upcoming Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC.

In addition to screenshots others that are shared, there appears to be a picture containing winver from Windows 11, which records the Windows version used is Windows 11 version 22H2 with Windows 11 IoT Enterprise LTSC Subscriptions Insider Preview.

Now what’s interesting, the version shown looks like Windows 11 22H2 which is planned to be released to all users in the next few weeks, maybe later Microsoft will release Windows 11 Enterprise along with the release of Windows 11 Consumer Editions, or maybe not? let’s just see in the future guys.

What do you think? comment and give your opinion below guys.

Via : XenoPanther (Twitter)


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