Mid of 2022 yesterday, Microsoft Officially Launches VPN on Microsoft Edge Chromium as a preview version that you can get on Edge Insider including Edge Canary.

Now to activate Edge VPN or Edge Secure Network, you can easily activate it via the settings page, considering that this feature is not active and is available by default. WinPoin has summarized the steps on the following page: How to Enable Edge VPN in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

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After trying and testing a number of things from this Edge Secure Network, here I summarize a few reviews or brief reviews of this Edge VPN, starting from performance, and can Edge VPN be used like a VPN in general?


I do this performance test with the comparison method, which I use speedtest in Microsoft Edge Canary with Edge Secure Network on vs off, and here are the results.

Edge Secure Network (VPN) is disabled
Edge Secure Network (VPN) is enabled

And as you can see from the comparison above, the network connection performance on Microsoft Edge with Edge Secure Network Enabled / Not, there is almost no significant difference between the two. If we compare it to other VPNs in general, free VPNs usually have limits bandwidth which is slower, and of course it’s a bit of a pain if we want to commit stream.

Edge Secure Network Partners With Cloudflare

Just a little additional information, as reported from the Microsoft page, Edge Secure Network works together with Cloudflare VPN Service, whereby, even though diagnostic data is stored temporarily, Microsoft seems to really guarantee data security from users.

“Microsoft Edge Secure Network is a service provided in partnership with Cloudflare. Cloudflare is committed to privacy and collects a limited amount of diagnostic and support data acting as Microsoft’s data subprocessor in order to provide the services. Cloudflare permanently deletes the diagnostic and support data collected every 25 hours.”

And if you notice in the picture above, the provider from the speedtest results has also changed, where I am here using internet service from Biznet, but when Secure Network is running, the provider has changed to Cloudflare.

Is it possible to open sites that are blocked by the Indonesian government?

Hmm, interesting question, right? For example, XN, I mean Reddit, where I usually get a lot of references from there.

Now, just like in the picture above, where Edge Secure Network is Off, and I disable DNS Over HTTPS in my Browser and Windows 11, the Reddit page can’t open. But we try to enable Edge Secure Network, and here are the results.

The results were quite extraordinary, where not only Reddit was successfully opened, but many other sites that were blocked by the government were successfully opened perfectly.

For security issues, because this Edge Secure Network acts like a VPN, data should be safer if we browse from the internet public for example in a caffe by activating this Edge Secure Network.


So for now, there is one shortcoming that Microsoft might be able to overcome, where is the limit bandwidth from the Edge Secure Network it is only 1 GB, although in the end it is now slowly starting to roll out a new limit of 15 GB which I happen to have gotten.

The 15 GB of data will be reset at the beginning of each month, so use Edge Secure Network to do so stream it feels less possible, considering the video quality which is now very good and refreshing to the eye.

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Integration With Microsoft Account

To use this Edge Secure Network, you really need to have a Microsoft account and log in with that account on Microsoft Edge, because if you don’t, you can’t use Edge Secure Network.

Limitation bandwidth monthly itself will be connected to your account, so regardless of the device and browser you use, as long as you use the same account, it will accumulate in that account and the data limit provided will quickly run out.

But there are things that might be quite doubtful for me, because Microsoft might see what we access with the transfer of diagnostic data, but hopefully not, considering what they have said before with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is committed to privacy and collects a limited amount of diagnostic and support data acting as Microsoft’s data subprocessor in order to provide the services

Conclusion and Is It Worth It For Us To Use?

This Edge Secure Network really will really help us if we want to do browsing on the public internet, because with this feature, it will minimize the possibility of intruders attacking through internet access.

However, the use of Internet Security, Firewalls, and the use of the user himself certainly adds to the influence of data security from the device itself, so stay alert, guys, if you want to use Public Internet access.

But if we take a look, this Edge Secure Network is really worth it to use, because apart from its OK performance, the bandwidth is also quite large, and one thing is for sure this can be used to unblock sites from the government, but once again, Edge VPN must be used wisely as well as possible. , given the limited monthly bandwidth data cap.

So that’s a short review from me, maybe you have a difference of opinion?, Don’t hesitate to comment below guys, and do you like this Edge Secure Network?, or do you have a subscription VPN provider? can spill below guys.

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