Although Windows 8.1 support was stated to have ended in January 10, 2023 yesterdaybut there are still quite a lot of users who use this OS on the devices they use, including myself because Windows 8.1 can be said to be a very reliable OS when running on storage with HDD type.

Then after the support period ends, what do I feel? Can we not use this OS at all? Let’s discuss it, guys.

Application Support

I can only use this system for general things like browsing with Mozilla Firefox, downloading something with Internet Download Manager, and communicating with Telegram, everything can be said to be normal without any problems, considering that the application support is still quite old and still available.

Meanwhile, if you are a Google Chrome user, unfortunately Google has stopped supporting their browser for this OS since February 7 2023 yesterday, you can see the report on page following. Meanwhile, Mozilla will still provide support for this OS until August 2023, so we still have time to surf comfortably on Mozilla Firefox until the time comes.

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For other application support, I really think that Windows 8.1 has limited application support, for example Microsoft Office applications which only support up to version 2016 where this version is certainly quite behind when compared to the latest version of Office 2019 or 2021 and even Microsoft 365.

But other than that, all the common applications that I use are still running normally without any problems, at least until the time this article was written because in the future a number of applications will clearly abandon support for this OS, such as Rufus 4 who has left Windows 7.


When comparing performance with Windows 10 or Windows 11, of course Windows 8.1 has better performance because it doesn’t have too many components in it. .


Regarding security, I myself cannot guarantee that this OS will be completely safe for important use, but for home use as long as we don’t do strange things and download dangerous applications, I think Windows 8.1 is still capable of running and doing other online activities.

At least until Firefox support ends (if you use Firefox), but if support really ends then this OS is highly not recommended for online activities because there could be vulnerabilities dangerous that threatens the security of your data considering that this OS is no longer getting important updates and support from a number of applications.

So who is this OS for?

In the next few months Windows 8.1 is still quite suitable for online purposes, be it light browsing, social media, watching movies and others, but after Firefox support ends, this OS should just be offline, right? vulnerabilities malicious software that can threaten your important data.

If it’s offline, maybe you can make Windows 8.1 a place to watch your saved film collections, play classic offline games like GTA San Andreas for example, or even use it as an OS for a cashier’s device if you have a business at home, this is because Windows 8.1 performance is still very good, especially on old devices with Dual Core processors though.

That said, even when compared to Ghost Specter or Tiny10 and Tiny11, Windows 8.1 is more suitable and can turn on devices that have older specifications, provided that you choose Windows OS and not Linux.


From my use so far using Windows 8.1 for normal purposes, Windows 8.1 is still decent, I can watch YouTube, and my other favorite sites, as well as many other things.

But once again, this online need must be balanced with our attention as users, where we should not download various suspicious applications that could become additional loopholes in the system that we use, besides that after browser support ends, it’s better if this OS is offline. just because after the time comes, the browser will no longer provide updates to our OS.

So that’s a little of my opinion and experience, maybe some of you are still using Windows 8.1 too? You can join in the comments below and write your opinion there.


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