Along with the update for Windows 11 Insider Beta and Dev Channel yesterday, Microsoft also presented an update for Windows Subsystem for Android for both OS, where in WSA version 2301.40000.4.0, Microsoft claims that in this version there are a number of improvements including a performance increase of 50 %.

This performance increase is around 40-50 % framerate for devices with x64 architecture, and 10-20% for ARM devices, with this update too, it is said that Android applications can run better than before on Windows 11.

In addition, there are improvements to a number of other capabilities, including increased latency and reliability for Audio Input, improvements to the Camera Experience, and other improvements including updating Chromium Webview to version 108.

Now for those of you who are curious, here is the changelog of the WSA version 2301.40000.4.0:

  • Improved audio input latency and reliability
  • Improvements to camera experience (camera metadata is now exposed to camera apps)
  • Improvements to framerate performance: certain benchmarks have improved by 10%-20% on ARM and 40%-50% on x64
  • Fixed zooming out in apps using touchpad or mouse
  • Improvements to platform reliability
  • Using the latest Chromium WebView to version 108
  • Synchronizing global microphone and camera privacy toggles between Windows and Android apps
  • Android 13 security updates

Now with this, especially for you Windows 11 Insider Beta and Dev Channel users who use the Windows Subsystem for Android feature, you can just update your WSA application from the Microsoft Store page, make sure you have got version 2301.40000.4.0.

via: Microsoft

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