Making money has never been easy for most people. However, with the development of technology There are more sources of livelihood. One method is to use the Google Maps application.

Google, as a giant that controls more than 90% of the world’s search engine market share, is obligated to provide accurate and responsible information. One of the ways Google does this is by giving rewards to anyone who enters new information, such as reviews, into the Google Maps database.

A certain amount of accumulated points can later be redeemed for various benefits, such as Gojek or Grab vouchers, supermarket shopping vouchers, etc. How will you earn money from this application?

1. Register to become a Local Guide

To earn more from Google Maps, you must first register as a contributor. These contributors are called local guides. The trick is to open the following link using your existing email account

Enter your city name Then accept the terms and conditions. After that click register. The process will finish quickly. And you can take part as a local guide and earn points instantly.

2. Engage with Google

This contribution is really not that big. You just need to do a few things to help other Google users. Some of these are:

  • Write a review and rate the place.
  • Add a picture of the place
  • Answers to questions and FAQs on Google Maps.
  • Edit location information on the map and general information.
  • Add a place that is not yet listed on Google.
  • Food review.
  • Add content to Google Maps

Basically, adding some of the above will allow you not only to earn points and personal benefits. It can also help recommend your business or partner location to the wider community.

For example, the reviews you post on Google Maps can help people find good and affordable restaurants. It could be that the place is not yours but your friend’s. And you’re just helping to promote the place by writing honest reviews.

3. Earn Points

After doing some of the above You will receive points with the following details:

  • Reviews = 10 points per review.
  • 200 character reviews = 10 bonus points per review
  • Score = 1 point per rating
  • Photos = 5 points per photo.
  • Image tags = 3 points per tag.
  • Video = 7 points above video
  • Questions and answers = 3 points per answer.
  • Adding locations = 15 points per location
  • Adding roads = 15 points per road
  • Added description = 5 points per description.

The more points you can collect. The more rewards you get. These points will not be forfeited, but Google will only update your score within 24 hours. Also, comments about places that are permanently closed will not be counted.

So how do you check how many points you have? Easy way, just log into the Google Maps application on your mobile phone. Then select the support menu. (marked with a plus sign) and see how many reviews and ratings you have.

4. Get a voucher

Once again, Google Maps will not send monetary rewards to[Contributorbutintheformofavoucherthisvouchercodeisusuallysenttothecontributor’semailaddresswhichcanbeuseddirectlytousecertainservicesorservicesforacertainperiodoftimeother[arakontributornyamelainkandalambentukvoucherKodevoucherinibiasanyadikirimkankeemailkontributoryangbisalangsungdigunakanuntukmenggunakanjasaataulayanantertentupadawaktutertentu[ผู้มีส่วนร่วมแต่จะอยู่ในรูปของบัตรกำนัลโดยปกติแล้วรหัสบัตรกำนัลนี้จะถูกส่งไปยังอีเมลของผู้ร่วมให้ข้อมูลซึ่งสามารถใช้ได้โดยตรงเพื่อใช้บริการบางอย่างหรือบางบริการในช่วงเวลาหนึ่งๆ[arakontributornyamelainkandalambentukvoucherKodevoucherinibiasanyadikirimkankeemailkontributoryangbisalangsungdigunakanuntukmenggunakanjasaataulayanantertentupadawaktutertentu

Several contributors on Quora forums mention getting Grab, Gojek or hotel vouchers. Even if you are already a senior photographer. But it’s possible you’ll be invited to a Google Maps meeting at the company’s US headquarters. Interesting, right?

Importance of Google Maps for Entrepreneurs

Google Maps is an important technological feature that employers should take advantage of. For entrepreneurs, MSMEs and companies, Google Maps may not give you the same points and vouchers as when you were a Local Guide above, but this app can help you earn money in other ways, such as:

  1. It makes it easy for you to create an online store. both in online market applications This includes ride-hailing apps such as Gojek and Grab. Having a sign on Google Maps allows drivers and couriers to order to your online store.
  2. Make it easy for potential customers to find and find the quality of your store.. For potential new customers who haven’t been or live around Your store or company comes first. Google Maps helps them locate the store and know its quality.
  3. Make it easy for potential employees to find the credibility of the company.Whether or not to appear on this application is often a consideration for prospective employees to the company. Employees will see the authenticity of the company the first time they use this application.

Therefore, it is important for MSMEs and companies to To enter company location information on Google Maps and create a good image in this application. How to create a good image, such as being diligent in responding to reviews, editing information, answering consumer inquiries, updating photos, etc.

If companies and MSMEs are successful in creating a good image in this application. It is not impossible to get more and more new clients and ultimately MSME business people can earn additional income.


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