For you Mozilla Firefox users, some time ago version 108 was officially released, where there are a number of new features and improvements that are presented in it.

Now, one of the new features that is quite interesting for us to discuss is that support is now available in Firefox 108 efficiency mode in Windows 11, where with this support, Firefox plays a role in increasing battery life if Efficiency Mode in Windows 11 is activated.

In addition, Firefox 108 also now has TaskManager to monitor tabs and processes that are happening in Mozilla Firefox.

So besides that, of course there are several other features that are presented, including support for ICCv4 Images, PDF Form improvements, and Bookmark Toolbar improvements, and of course there are also other improvements which include:

  • Import maps, which allow web pages to control the behavior of JavaScript imports, are now enabled by default.
  • Improved frame scheduling when under load; this substantially improves Firefox’s MotionMark scores.
  • Firefox now supports the WebMIDI API and a new experimental mechanism for controlling access to dangerous capabilities.

Now for you Firefox users, you can just update your browser to this new version via Firefox Application Menu > Help > About Firefox.

via: Mozilla

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