If you’ve heard of someone who works but doesn’t like what they’re doing, maybe that person hasn’t reached their goals yet. likinghis. In fact, when a person works according to likingIt doesn’t make the whole job easier. But at least it’s fun.

But often because of the demands of the demands, some people accept all jobs as long as they can make money. So he doesn’t care. liking owned He can continue to work and is fine.

Therefore, from the above message what is often called likingHow important is attendance when you work? Here’s how to understand it. liking How it works and how to find it Check out all the descriptions in this article!

What is Work Passion?

passion It is a strong desire to do something that he likes or thinks is important. When someone works liking He has, and he will be more than happy to do so. passion can also be referred to as someone’s crush Something that gets some people excited to get through the day.

Professor J. Vallerand said liking Can be divided into 2 types: liking unity and passion Of course, the impact on human life is different. Here’s the description:

  1. passion Unity. It’s a positive interest. may be something you like Likes and aligns with what one is doing. For example, when someone makes his hobby his job.
  2. passion Passion is the opposite of harmony. liking Infatuation requires someone to like something that was done with a certain impulse. which one of them is a necessity of life So he was forced to like what he did.

How important is passion in work?

knowing what it is likingYou might wonder how some people find it important. liking workplace? passion For people working can be likened to the soul. Some people may do various activities. without having to move But it’s definitely not the end of the day.

Studies conducted by Indeed show that most employees are disinterested when performing their responsibilities due to a lack of interest in their job. in this condition Performance and productivity are hard to come by.

Conversely, when someone is interested in the responsibilities given Then he will be happy and full of enthusiasm to do that. Without coercion and haste to achieve the goal.

with the interest you have It’s also easier for you to know where you’re going in the future, what you’re doing, where you are, and what you want. In other words, you’ll find your vision and mission faster at work.

Examples of Passion for Work

Basically People’s work interests are definitely different. Examples of interest in art: You like to tell others. Likes to present yourself or the things around you that you actually have. liking in related work You can get a job as an announcer. podcaster or presenter.

It’s different if you don’t like to speak publicly and tell something about yourself. You love being behind the scenes designing, writing, or preparing things, then your interest might be in there. designer, content writer or jobs that do not require much presence

Methods and Tips for Finding Work Passion

Now you know what the job of interest is. How is it important? liking At work and for example It’s time for you to ask yourself, really. So what are you interested in? Confused? Here are some tips and tricks for finding it. liking A job you must try!

1. Find what makes you happy.

The first is, of course, knowing what you like. You have to get to know yourself. For example, you like to write a lot. diary or take simple notes maybe you have liking work in the field of writing and journalism A large number of jobs in this field that can support your hobby.

Of course, in finding out what is your happiness. You have to try hard. Try new things until you know if you feel happy or burdened with one thing. Until you know what you like and what you want.

2. Manage jealousy in your heart.

As strange as it may sound, managing your inner jealousy can help you find true passion. Because when you feel envious of other people’s successes. The more eager you are to lead yourself towards the same success.

Often, laziness becomes an obstacle to liking a job he enjoys. don’t want to be like that Even if you work on something that interests you. You still have to push yourself to stay active and not lazy.

3. Ask someone close to you.

Understanding yourself can be very difficult, because many people don’t even know what they want, so getting help from those around you about their opinions on you may be one of the tips and tricks. search liking work.

People who truly love you know when you feel happy. When you’re feeling down or having a bad day He will be the person who cares about you the most. you can ask liking it was given to him

It could be a colleague, friend, parent or spouse. Ask them what kind of work makes you feel happy and free. It could be something that interests you in the job. Behavior when under certain loads is definitely different than when you’re in good shape. And those who feel this way are the people closest to you.

4. Try something new

As described in the previous section, you can find liking It works when trying a lot of new things. Why is that? Because when you dare to try You might really know So what do you like, what do you hate, or feel like a burden?

The courage to try should be instilled from an early age. in order to find people interested faster when it’s time to work Parents need to understand this so that they can direct their children to do what they like.

Avoid forcing children or people around you. Because you never know the psychological impact that coercion can have and the long-term effects. Here’s how to understand liking How it works and how to find it Many people may choose to get rid of their ego. liking Going out because of wanting more and more necessities in life, of course salary arrangement Be smart, but of course everyone has their own choice. You can work accordingly. liking in yourself or choose to prioritize tasks that can meet the needs All decisions are yours!


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