One of the shortcomings of Windows 11 that many users may complain about is the loss of the option to move the Taskbar position, in the WinPoin comment column itself there are quite a number of users asking when Microsoft will bring this feature back, unfortunately until now there has been no official information from Microsoft, whether they will return the feature, or not at all.

But friends, if you still want to move the Taskbar position in Windows 11 from Bottom to Top, Right or left, you can use a third party tool named ExplorerPatcher which you can get on GitHub following.

If you are curious about how to move the taskbar position in Windows 11 using this tool, here is a short summary of WinPoin’s steps.

Important : Make sure to do a System Restore backup first just in case. (How to Perform a System Restore in Windows 11)

Step 1. First, please download ExplorerPatcher on the GitHub page following.

Step 2. After that, please open the file ep_setup.exe which you have downloaded before.

Step 3. Next explorer.exe will be refresh and the appearance of the Taskbar may change (don’t panic), continue by right-clicking the Taskbar > select Properties.

Step 3. Next in the section Taskbar styles please use the option Windows 10and in part Primary taskbar location on screenplease adjust to the options you want (Top, Botton, Right, Left).

Also, so that the Start Menu doesn’t change to the old Windows 10 style, make sure Start button style you set to Windows 11in section Combine taskbar icons on primary taskbar Also make sure you set it to Always combine.

Step 4. After everything is done, please click Restart File Explorer. And done, here are the results.

Now by using this option, unfortunately the Taskbar display will not be in the middle and the position will be forced to full like in Windows 10, besides that the Right-click setting on the Taskbar is also present again, where we can open the Task Manager directly from there.

As for returning to all positions, you can do system restore (more I recommend), or change the settings Taskbar styles in step 3 of Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Please try guys, but keep in mind that this step might damage certain components in Windows 11, so I don’t really recommend it unless you are ready with all the risks.

For a safe step, just wait for the same feature to be presented again by Microsoft sometime in the future.

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