Last month it was reported that Microsoft Releases WSA Preview Version 2305.40000.2.0, where in this version Microsoft presents a number of changes including the presence of features file sharing, and other capabilities that will make it easier for users to share between WSA and Windows 11 itself.

Now regarding this, Windows Subsystem for Android version 2305.40000.4.0 is now available for all Windows Insider users, which in this version brings the same improvements as what was previously announced in the preview version of the WSA.

If you are curious, here are the improvements presented in Windows Subsystem for Android version 2305.40000.4.0 :

  • File sharing enabled.
  • Transfer files using drop and drop and copy and paste.
  • Windows Subsystem for Android Settings (renamed to just “Windows Subsystem for Android”) redesign, including displaying all installed Android apps.
  • Enable apps that specify android.hardware.type.pc in their manifest to opt into receiving raw input events.
  • Wi-Fi API compatibility improvements.
  • Camera hardware compatibility improvements.
  • Linux kernel security updates.
  • Updated the latest Chromium WebView to version 113.
  • Android 13 security updates.

Meanwhile, unfortunately there are still limitations on this new feature, one of which is file sharing which is available to be accessed from WSA only userprofile folder in Windows 11. Also, only files stored in /sdcard/Windows on WSA that users can access from Windows11.

And for other improvements, same as before users can use methods drag n drop And copy paste to transfer files between WSA and Windows 11, of course it is emphasized once again that there are still limitations to this feature.

Well how? Interesting isn’t it? This feature is now available for Windows Insider users, so do you like this new feature? comment below guys.

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