In the past, stock investing was possible by depositing stock certificates at the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) office or the nearest securities company. Investors can purchase this investment instrument using the application.

for investors The advantage of investing in stocks through applications is that they can invest anytime, anywhere. In addition, a good stock investing application usually comes with educational and news features. To make trading more practical and easier

for securities companies The advantage of issuing an investment application is that it attracts a new generation of highly developed investors in Indonesia. Indonesian capital market. This is profitable. Because the source of the company’s profits comes from investor transaction fees. Therefore, the more investors participate, the more The more profitable the company will be.

It is therefore not surprising that many securities and technology companies now offer stock-specific investing apps. So how do you choose a good stock investing app? Here are some tips:

1. Register with OJK

The first feature of a good stock investment application is that the application is issued by a securities company registered with OJK, which is considered to be a large number of them. Scam trading app Take advantage of young people’s investment excitement.

to ensure this The first thing you need to do is look at the company’s website. Also look for the symbol and license number from OJK. If you find one, match the number on the official website of the financial regulator.

For example, one of the trusted stock investing applications is investment alpha Embedded the OJK logo on the website and was confirmed to be listed on the securities company listing on the OJK website on behalf of PT Paramitra Alfa Sekuritas.

This is important because many websites or applications claim to be licensed by OJK, but in reality they do not have or already have a license. expire. If the application and the securities company are registered with OJK, it means that the Institution is obligated to comply with all applicable stock trading laws and regulations in this country.

2. Full features

Investing in stocks is not just buying this single instrument and throwing it away. A good investor and trader must have several important qualifications to analyze the market for that instrument and determine whether to sell their assets or not.

Therefore, a good stock investment application must have all the features. These features include price charts with various graphical formats. complete technical indicators (especially popular ones) company financial information Watchlist and portfolio menu dealer menu Filter feature stock alert and educational qualifications and news if required.

If possible, you should choose a stock investing platform that can be accessed through mobile applications, desktops and websites, as mobile screens are undeniably too small to use. Analysis of stock price movement data It doesn’t matter that the app only offers stocks and no other instruments. as long as these qualifications are complete You are ready to invest.

3. Neat User Interface

One of the challenges in building a full-featured investment application is how to design an application’s user interface (UI) so that it doesn’t seem crowded and overlapping. Because the seemingly overlaid user interface (UI) makes it difficult for users to read and analyze market conditions.

Not to mention whether the application has any other technical issues such as frequent freezes, application quits by itself. scattered bugs, etc. This will definitely cause trouble for users. Because stock price movements are very fast. Therefore, it is necessary for investors and traders to be precise in setting sell targets and buy targets.

4. Guaranteed data security

When creating accounts and stock accounts in the investment application You must enter sensitive information such as your birth date and address in your KTP and even a photo of your KTP or KK. These data must be secured. because otherwise These sensitive data may be used by non-responsible persons to commit criminal acts.

A good stock investment application from trusted securities will always continue to improve the security quality of the application. Whether using Know Your Customer or KYC mechanisms, continuously improving the quality of the firewall so that it is not easily hacked. And of course still providing various updates. necessary to maintain the security of information

5. Offer a variety of payment methods

How to simplify buying stocks is not just about submitting an investment application. but also offers a variety of payment methods. Since applications with various payment methods will certainly make it easier for investors to transact. compared to applications with only one type of payment

Which is considering that there are now many payment methods available to investors. Since using a mobile banking application Using a digital wallet to the use of virtual accounts The more methods offered, the easier it will be for investors to invest.

6. Have good customer service

Not only from a technical point of view. A good stock investing app must also come with good customer service. Because it’s not uncommon for investors to ask questions about things. which is not in the application manual

Good customer service, such as an easy-to-understand application guide syntax complete support service to 24/7 customer service. Many investment applications also have an English-speaking customer service to serve foreign investors and provide a community forum to provide a forum for discussions. Answer questions of investors who are dissatisfied with the answers from the application.

7. Simple account creation process

The next feature of any good stock investing app is that the process of creating an account or stock account in the app is simple and inexpensive. Load important documents

In addition to security A good investing application also makes it easier for investors to complete this process, for example by causing the application to crash when a process occurs. so that investors have to register again or investors have to wait a long time until The application is ready to use. Of course, potential investors will feel uncomfortable, although while creating an account, the application has problems.

Choosing a good stock investment application is the first step in getting the investment benefits from this instrument. Because the application is used to analyze and transact purchases and sales. So you can’t make your choice carelessly.

In addition to the first You can see the quality of the application from different sources. From reviews on Google Playstore and AppStore, through YouTube content or reviews on Investbro, although every application user has a different experience. But a review like this will certainly make it easier to choose. best stock investing app.


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