In the latest Windows 11, there are two ways we can change the Windows 11 wallpaper automatically without additional applications such as WinDynamic Desktop 5.1 or other applications, namely by using slideshows and Windows Spotlight.

Now in this tutorial, we will discuss how to Change Windows 11 Wallpaper to Automatically using Windows Spotlight, where every few minutes, the wallpaper will be changed with the selected wallpaper provided by Microsoft.

OK, how? the following are some of them.

Step 1. First, please go to the page Settings > Personalization > Background.

Step 2. Then make sure you select the Windows Spotlight option in the ‘Personalize your background’ section.

And it’s finished, your Windows 11 Wallpaper will automatically change according to what Microsoft provides via Windows Spotlight.

And here’s a unique fact, guys, where you can see information about the image displayed via the icon learn about this picture in section desktop.

And on the icon, we can set or change the wallpaper manually in this way Right Click ‘Learn about this picture’ > Switch to next picture.

So, I recommend this method if you want to change the Windows 11 wallpaper to be more dynamic without the help of third-party applications, and besides that the images presented are pretty good.

What do you think? do you have another method? comment below guys.


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