Microsoft recently updated the official Windows 10 22H2 release announcement page for Windows Insider Release Preview users, where there is an interesting quote for us to discuss.

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Microsoft in a written update on its official page explained that Windows 10 22H2 has a series of features that may become new features in this version.

This build is focused on validating the servicing technology. Windows 10, version 22H2 has a scoped set of features and Microsoft will share more details on this update later this year.said Microsoft.

But unfortunately, according to the quote above, it’s still unclear what features are presented, because these details will be shared by Microsoft maybe later when this OS is officially released to the public.

But, again, because this version is a version that followed the major update of Windows 10 2004, then maybe we shouldn’t expect that this version of Windows 10 22H2 will get significant features, considering that Microsoft itself has started to focus more on developing Windows 11 and started slowly leaving Windows 10.

So will Windows 10 22H2 get new features?, the answer could be, but these features are likely not the main features that users will use and experience significantly, but for more details, maybe we’ll just wait for official news from Microsoft later.

What do you think? comment below guys.

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