Touchpad drivers are usually pre-installed on all PCs, but for some reason, they can run into errors — either because they don’t support the latest Windows version or you accidentally deleted them. Therefore, you need to download or update the driver manually.

Well, this time, WinPoin will provide several ways to download or update the touchpad driver. For those who are curious, follow these steps:

1. Install Optional and Driver updates from Windows Settings

The safest way is to use Optional updates installed on Windows 11/10, usually this Optional Update contains driver updates and preview updates for your device. Well, in Windows 11 the placement is not the same as in Windows 10.

So where is it now? For those who are curious, here WinPoin provides short steps to Install Optional Updates on Windows 11:

  • First, please go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Updates
  • Next, please click on Advanced options
  • Furthermore, it will display any drivers that you can download and install, besides that a preview update will also be present on that page.

2. Update Touchpad driver via Device Manager

Just like the first method, the second method is a method that is also recommended by Microsoft. This method is actually the most used since the Windows XP era, but since the release of Windows 10, this method is less popular because everything can be done via Settings.

To update the touchpad driver via Settings, you simply type Device Manager in the search field and after that the Device Manager window will appear. Just look for the driver you want to update, then right-click and follow the next steps.

3. Download the touchpad driver directly from your PC manufacturer via the web

Well, if your touchpad driver has a problem so it can’t be used, then this last method is the most suitable, namely by downloading it directly from the web. So, no need to linger, just visit the following page according to your PC manufacturer:

  • Lenovo
    • Visit the page above, then click Detect Product or enter the serial number of your device.
    • Next you will be asked to download Lenovo Service Bridge if select auto detect option
    • Then choose Drivers & Software > Manual Updates.
    • Next select menu Mouse, Touchpad, Keyboard and Pen, enlarge the menu and you will find the option to download the driver there
    • After visiting the page above, please enter the serial number of your device
    • Navigate to All drivers > Driver-Network
    • Just download the Touchpad driver
  • Dell
    • After visiting the page above, please enter the serial number or search for your product in the menu section
    • After that you will be redirected directly to the page Drivers & Downloads
    • Then look for the driver by expanding the menu Manually find a specific driver for your
    • Then just look for the Touchpad Driver and then click download.
  • Asus
    • After visiting the page above, please enter the serial number or search for your product in the menu section
    • Select menu Drivers & Utility page
    • Select the OS you are currently using
    • Navigate to driver Touchpad and click Download
  • Acer
    • After visiting the page above, enter the serial number of your device
    • Next select the operating system you are using
    • Find touchpad drivers and download
  • Microsoft Surface
    • After visiting the page above, you just have to scroll down until you find the option Manually update Surface drivers and firmware.
    • Next, just select the Surface model you have
    • Then just download the driver you need

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