Changes in appearance to improve Windows 11 seem to be being presented by Microsoft more and more, after several applications and some parts of Windows 11 have now begun to leave the appearance they brought from the Windows 10 era such as Firewalls and others, now the appearance of the Activations UI has also begun to change.

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As usual, reported by Twitter user @PhantomOfEarth, in Windows 11 Insider Build 25281, users can change the appearance of the Activations UI using ViveTool, where the appearance is as follows:

Old view
New look

As shown above, the first display is the Activations UI display or the place where we enter the Windows product serial number that we have purchased before, the display colored This has actually been around since the Windows 8 era, and of course it’s quite inappropriate when combined with the more modern look of Windows 11.

But for now, it’s enough to use the command vivetool /enable /id:42733866 On ViveTool, Windows 11 Insider Build 25281 users can get this new, more modern look.

Then why isn’t it presented by default? well, this might still be related to the bug that caused it New Microsoft Disable Windows Firewall Dialog in Windows Insidersso with that it’s likely that Microsoft hasn’t presented this new look yet as default on Windows Insiders.

But, apart from that, of course this new look is more minimalist and more suitable to be combined with Windows 11, what do you think? comment below guys.


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