Recently, there was interesting news regarding the progress of the Microsoft PowerToys application development, which is on the GitHub page #22408it seems that PowerToys will get a Quick Access Launcher which allows users to quickly access a number of PowerToys features via the system tray.

The appearance itself is more or less like the picture above, which is similar to the Actions Center in Windows 11, but contains the main features of PowerToys, including ColorPicker, FancyZones and others.

Still under development!

Even though this feature will look really cool and really helpful for users, please note that this feature is also still under development, and it will take a long time before it is finally released for users.

Because however, at this time, this feature is still in the early development stage, but if you are a programmer and want to participate in the development of this feature, you can just go to the GitHub page following.

Regarding this upcoming feature, what do you think? comment below guys.


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