Although a few moments late from the supposed release date, yesterday Google finally released Google Chrome 108 for all users on Windows, Linux and Mac.

And in this new version, did you know that there are a number of new features introduced, which include the option to view cookies very quickly via the icon padlock in the omnibox, options optimization mode new covers memory saver and energy savers on the Settings > Performance page, and there is a Note in the Password Manager.

Well for the first, when you open cookies via padlock icon in omnibox, then there is a list of cookies will be arranged by site. As for options optimization mode new and note in Password Manager, neither seems to have been made available to all users yet.

Oh yes, reportedly, options new optimization mode This is also available specifically for ChromeOS, Windows, and macOS, but when I checked, I didn’t get it yet.

Apart from that, there are actually other features that were also introduced, including track prices which maybe not all users get too, because this feature seems to only work in the US region.

Besides that there is, Open search in side panel which again not all users get.

However, even though we may not get some of these new features, maybe in the future we will get these features even though it is a bit late because it is likely that a number of these features have just been released via controlled rollout.

So, have you got a number of the features above, guys? comment below.

via: Google Chrome

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