Last week, Microsoft released PowerToys 0.64.0 which in it presents two additional tools, namely: locksmith files and hosts file editor. Of the two new tools I quite like File Locksmith because with this tool we can know, process what is currently using the file we selected earlier.

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Now regarding PowerToys, today Microsoft updated the PowerToys apps, where the version presented is version 0.64.1, and of course this does not bring new features, but brings a number of improvements and improvements in it.

Some of those fixes and improvements include:

  • #21630 – Actually apply the ‘space around zones’ toggle deactivation in FancyZones Editor.
  • #21619 – Add a scrollbar to the additional lines dialog in Hosts File Editor.
  • #21661 – Allow File Locksmith to recognize processes from the system user when elevated.
  • #21473 – Instead of deprecating VCM, it’s going into legacy mode instead, based on community feedback.
  • #21462 – Avoid an infinite loop when updating settings in Color Picker.
  • #21833 – Fix icons in Hosts File Editor.
  • #21813 – Remove an unused namespace from the GPO admx file so that it can be imported by Intune.
  • #21732 – Icon and UI fixes for File Locksmith.
  • #21746 – Fixed an issue causing FancyZones Editor and other ModernWPF applications to render as a white window on VMWare Windows 11 guests

Well, there are quite a few, right?, and if you pay attention, one of the improvements presented is repair on icons and user interface from locksmith files which was previously less than perfect.

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In addition, there are also improvements to color picker the previous one continued loop when updating settings in color picker.

For you users of Microsoft PowerToys 0.64.0, it’s a good idea to update your application to version 0.64.1 to get improvements from the application.

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