Unemployment is not just related to the national economy. But also the physical and mental well-being of the unemployed. But did you know that unemployment is divided into several categories? Each type has its own characteristics. Therefore, a single solution cannot be used to address all existing types of unemployment.

In this article, the author will discuss one type of unemployment, stagnant unemployment. Check out the full review below.

Definition of Stiff Unemployment

Stiff unemployment is unemployment that describes the period during which an individual voluntarily leaves his old job and looks for a new job. This type of unemployment typically lasts from a few months to more than a year.

This type of unemployment can occur due to the different nature of the labor market. That’s all candidates. labor Each company has pros and cons. And each company has different job vacancies and labor requirements. As a result, the recruitment process generally takes a long time, so those who will be hired must be unemployed for a while.

So basically Stiff unemployment is therefore a natural phenomenon and a sign that the country’s economy is strong. Because people in these countries can choose the job they want.

Stiff unemployment is different from cyclical unemployment. Cyclic unemployment often occurs when there are large numbers. forced Leaving a job for any reason that is systemic, such as a recession or an out-of-season harvest or planting season.

while it is happening economic crisis or recessionThe number of cyclical unemployed will increase considerably. Taking into account that many companies lay off jobs (PHK), on the other hand, stagnant unemployment is small. Because employees are afraid to leave their jobs and look for new jobs that may one day get a new job.

Because this type of unemployment is “natural” and “voluntary,” frictional unemployment is relatively difficult to be influenced by government economic policy. However, this does not mean that governments should not take action. to help a person get out of this phase

Causes of Frictional Unemployment

1. New graduates

It’s no secret that fresh graduatesfresh graduate) It typically takes several months to find a suitable job. Because those who have just left university or high school do not have enough experience to enter the position directly.

2. Moving house

In the culture of Indonesian society, wives generally obey their husbands. This means that he has to quit his old job and find a new one near his new place of residence. causing him to lose his job for a while

Not only the wife Conflict unemployment caused by relocating can also happen to anyone who decides to change their place of residence, such as an employee who chooses to return home. migrant workers who choose not to go abroad again, etc.

3. Change jobs

over the years change career or change careerThis term is widely used with employees who want to move to another company or position. Usually, this happens because companies offer more attractive salaries or career paths.

In fact, this job transfer program is not necessarily followed by unemployment. This is because employees are now able to find jobs or participate in the job selection process while still working at the same company. Of course, it must not violate company rules such as secrecy, etc.

4. Availability of unemployment benefits

The existence of unemployment benefits can also trigger unfavorable unemployment. This is because employees can have more confidence to leave their old job and look for a new one with reasonable salary. The more difficult it is for them to hire the right staff. Because employees will ask for a salary that is quite higher than welfare or salary at the old company.

Examples of Frictional Unemployment

You can find examples of sluggish unemployment in everyday life, such as:

  1. Law graduates return home after graduation because his house is in the village which he does not need legal assistance or anything like that. The chance that he will get a job immediately after graduating is very small.
  2. The employee decided to take a break to aim for studying abroad. This is considering that the current workplace does not have the facility to provide study leave or study assignments.
  3. The newly married couple moved from Java to Kalimantan to live near the workplace of their husband, who happened to be a worker in a mining company. As a result, the wife had to leave her old job because her old job prevented her from working at home. (work from home remotely)

How to overcome sluggish unemployment

1. Promote relationship between academics and practitioners

One of the challenges faced by new graduates from high school. (whether SMA, SMK or MA) is often faced with Their schools do not cooperate with companies or factories in recruiting workers.

In fact, for companies or factories Partnering with the school can reduce the cost and labor involved in selection, of course, provided that the training and curriculum at the school matches what the factory needs.

In this case, the government under the Ministry of Education can encourage schools to establish close cooperation with companies. Thus, graduates of these schools who are not interested in studying in higher education institutions can find employment faster.

Actually, this problem doesn’t just happen in high school. various campuses especially regional campuses It is also difficult to establish industrial cooperation with regional companies for large campuses. This problem is often dealt with by organizing. hire a company or career festival.

2. Provide industry-specific training

Another approach being taken by the government to help overcome unemployment is to provide industry-specific training. This training can be accessed by new graduates who want to increase their skills. Including employees who want to change jobs

In addition to organizing training at the vocational training center The government also provides various training scholarships. to meet the needs of the industry (Especially in technology) in the country as well. such training scholarships Digital Talent Scholarshipand many others.

3. Expand internship opportunities

Another problem faced by recent high school and tertiary graduates is lack of experience. to solve this problem The government can expand internship opportunities.paid internship).

This is due to the fact that trainees are also entitled to compensation for their work. Although it may be lower than that of full-time or contract employees. Not to mention the possibility that an intern’s job will be as large and difficult as a full-time job.


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