One of the new features seems to be presented again in the Microsoft PowerToys application, this feature is called MouseJump or maybe it will be named FancyMousewhere with this feature, users can move mouse quickly across screen.

Yep, more or less this feature will be very useful for users with dual screens and super wide screens, where users can move positions cursors from screen 1 to screen 2 and vice versa more quickly.

For how it works itself, as explained by Michael Clayton on the page GitHublater the user can press hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts to select next select desktop location which is desired.

“A hotkey or spare mouse button can be configured to activate the FancyMouse popup, and the pointer only needs to be moved a tiny amount on the preview thumbnail. A single mouse click then teleports the pointer to that location on the full-size desktop. The visual cue tells you exactly where the pointer will end up so you can find it easily without needing to search for it.” Says Michael Clayton.

The demonstration itself has been explained on the GitHub page followingwhich more or less looks like this:


Actually this feature itself is still quite confusing, but hopefully this feature that is expected to help many users will be liked when it is released later.

Oh yeah, because it just came as draft then this feature can be said to be still far from its official release, but let’s hope it’s not too long, considering there are already quite a lot of users who want to see this new feature.

What do you think? comment below guys.

via: GitHub


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