Winget, one of the cool features that makes it easier for us to install, update and remove applications using commands like a terminal on Linux, even though for some people, WinGet itself is less popular, but to be honest guys, WinGet is quite useful to use because it can speed up time the process of downloading and installing the application is enough with a simple command.

Regarding WinGet or Windows Package Manager, recently Microsoft has released the latest WinGet 1.4 which you can get at the Microsoft Store, where in this latest version, guys, there is an interesting support here, where there is support for zip extractions.

“This release introduces support for .zip-based packages. WinGet can now extract and run an installer inside of a .zip archive or install one or more portable packages from an archive.” Microsoft said.

So, starting with this version, you can extract and run an installer from a .zip file more easily, guys.

“WinGet now supports installing packages contained within a .zip archive. This feature builds on the existing support for portable packages, and existing installer support for MSIX, MSI, and EXE-based installers.” Microsoft said.

In addition to providing support zip extractions there are still other improvements that are presented, which include Winget show upgrade, command aliases, wait commands and many more. You can see detailed information about this on the following Microsoft page.

Now WinGet 1.4 itself will begin to be rolled out in stages for users through the Microsoft Store, but if you want to download this latest version faster, you can download it manually via the GitHub page. following.

via: Microsoft, GitHub

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