As we already know, currently in the Start Menu search field in Windows 11, when we click it, we will be redirected to Windows Search automatically.

But friends, it seems that Microsoft wants to make the search field clickable without having to switch to Windows Search before the user enters a keyword there, you can see this in the latest Build Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel, where by activating ID 38937525 via ViveTool, the behavior of the search field will change.

Now if you want to try to get this behavior change, you can activate this feature via ViveTool with the following command:

.vivetool /enable /id:38937525

After that, don’t forget reboot Windows 11 to apply the changes, after which, whenever you click the search field in the Start Menu, you will not be redirected to Windows Search until you type something there.

What do you think about this new behavior? comment below guys.

Via : DeskModderPhantomOfEarth (Twitter)


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