When you are busy browsing on Microsoft Edge, your laptop unknowingly runs out of battery and when it restarts, unfortunately Microsoft Edge cannot restore tab sessions before your laptop runs out of battery. Of course you will feel annoyed, because you should be able to do that when you open Edge again.

So what should you do so that the same thing doesn’t happen again?

1. Make sure it’s not your fault

The point of WinPoin here is to make sure you are logged in using your account or you are not using the wrong account on Microsoft Edge. This is because Microsoft Edge allows multiple users to operate in the same environment while maintaining access to personalized browser settings, bookmarks, and extensions.

In addition, also make sure that you have updated your Microsoft Edge and Windows 11/10 OS to the latest version, who knows this is caused by a bug that appeared in the old version.

2. Check settings in Microsoft Edge

To make Edge browser restore previous tab session, make sure you have enabled the option Open tabs from the previous session. If you don’t know how, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Edge then click the more menu or the icon with three dots on the top right
  2. Then click Settings and select the Start, home, and new tabs option.
  3. Next, you just have to activate the option Open tabs from the previous session.
  4. Done

Supposedly, once the option is active, Microsoft Edge will restore the previous session according to your expectations.

3. Reset or reinstall Microsoft Edge

If the above problem cannot be fixed with the two methods previously given by WinPoin, please do it reset oratu reinstall Microsoft Edge you.

Those are some tips from WinPoin to solve the problem on Microsoft Edge that can’t restore the previous tab session.

Hope it’s useful


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