For you Xbox device users, some time ago Microsoft announced that Xbox team is currently testing to find the best solution to build the best experience for its Xbox homepage.

Where about this, finally Xbox Team presents a new Xbox Homepage with more interesting changes in it, especially for Xbox users who have been contributing and giving feedback to Microsoft for a long time.

Changes to the Xbox homepage include:

  • A new “Jump Back in” that will give users quick access to the games and applications the user last played.
  • Easily access essential system apps like Settings, Store, Search and My Games & Apps with dedicated tiles on Xbox Home.
  • Consistent design and visual identifiers with updated layouts to keep the experience familiar.
  • When the user scrolls down, the user will see selected categories and recommendations tailored to the user’s own game preferences.

The changes given are quite significant, especially in the jump back in which will be very useful for the gamers who use this device.

So what do you think? are you an Xbox user? PS? or PC? Comment below guys, and give your opinion about the changes that Microsoft has made.

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