Previously It’s rumored that Microsoft is changing how cumulative updates are released, where now the Non Security Update will be released exactly two weeks after monthly cumulative updates usually presented.

You can read information about this on the WinPoin page followingwhere WinPoin has explained various things regarding these changes.

Now, because now the Preview Update or Non Security Update is released at a predetermined time (unlike before where updates are sometimes released in the third week or even the fourth week after the cumulative update is released), this week Windows 11 22H2 users will get a Preview Update KB5023778 which will changed the OS Build to 22621.1485.

For the changes presented themselves, basically the changes are almost the same as those released on Insider Release Preview last week, where changes included the presence of OneDrive notifications on the User icon on the Start Menu, to the presence of Bing Chat access from Windows Search.

So, for more details, maybe you can see the release note page followingbut again in general the improvements that are presented are not very significant for users, except that now there are some parts that have changed such as the Search Box on the Taskbar which is now lighter in color, and there are also a number of important improvements in it.

You can get this update yourself via the Settings > Windows Update > Optional Update page, but if you don’t want to get this update, you can wait until this update is released for all users via the Cumulative Update next month.

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