Windows 11 on the ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold (via The Tech Chap)

By now you may have seen reviews from the ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold which takes the form of a folding screen from a device with Windows 11 OS, now if you also pay attention, when it is folded (without using the keyboard placed above the screen), Windows 11 is still not perfect on this device, this is of course indeed because Microsoft itself has not created a folding device for Windows 11, and even Windows 11 does not yet support devices for this type of folding screen.

But friends, there is good news, because based on rumors, from Three Feature Updates that will be presented by Microsoft in Windows 11 in 2023, Microsoft will release Windows 11 Moment 3 which rumors will be released in May or June 2023, where Moment 3 will bring something interesting especially for users Folding screen PC.

This is because, as reported by Windows CentralMicrosoft is currently working on improvements for devices with these types of screens, where later devices with foldable screens can get the best Windows 11 experience on these devices.

“Microsoft is also planning a third Moment update for Windows 11 in the late spring/early summer, likely in the May or June timeframe. It’s too early to know exactly what Moment 3 will include, but I have heard that Microsoft is working on delivering preliminary improvements for foldable PCs, for both single-screen and dual-screen form factors.”

But once again this is still a rumor and development is still being carried out, and in the future, if Microsoft has created their own foldable device, maybe Windows 11 will be more perfect running on these devices.

So, do you think that currently Windows 11 supports folding devices? Comment below guys, and are you perhaps an ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold user who has tried this device? Don’t forget to comment below and give your opinion guys.

via: Windows Central


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