Once again, Microsoft seems to be back to adding new improvements to their flagship browser, bearing in mind that starting today, Internet Explorer itself is turned off and will be redirected to Microsoft Edge directly.

Now for the improvements that will be presented alone, in addition to a number of things that have been discussed in previous articles such as size settings & more which will be scaled down and PDF upgrade the result of collaboration between Microsoft and Adobe, now it seems that Microsoft is developing a feature mouse gestures new for Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Regarding this feature itself, it has been recorded in the documentation on the page followingwhere Microsoft explained later that users can more easily navigate by relying on the mouse alone, and not relying on buttons and keyboard shortcuts.

This feature provides an easy way for users to complete tasks like scroll forward or backward, open new tab, refresh page, etc. They can finish a task by pressing and holding the mouse right button to draw certain patterns on a webpage, instead of clicking the buttons or using keyboard shortcuts.

So for now, this feature is still under development, but when it’s ready to be released, of course this will be an interesting feature for users, especially if we will get the ability to do many things just by pressing the right mouse button and drawing. patterns which has been specified.

Oh yes, this feature itself seems to be planned by Microsoft to be presented in Microsoft Edge Chromium version 112, but of course this plan could be postponed if there are obstacles in the ongoing development process.

What do you think about this new feature that will be presented? comment below guys.

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