Although basically Windows 11 brings file explorer newer start from the presence tabs in file explorer since Windows 11 2022 Update, to bring a number of improvements that they really didn’t have time to present in Windows 10.

But friends, regarding file explorer, Did you know that starting with Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25272, it turns out that Microsoft has started trying to overhaul File Explorer, where there are more changes in the panel details which includes the following options:

  • Insights
  • Activities
  • Properties
  • Related Files
  • Conversations
  • Status sharing

Meanwhile, starting in Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25276, there are more details regarding the overhaul and as usual first revealed by Twitter user @PhantomOfEarthsimply by activating the ID 38613007 use ViveToolseveral sections of File Explorer mentioned above will be present in panels details, for example as in the following image:

As in the picture above, in section right File Explorer, more precisely on the details panel, there are a number of additional options as described, wherein these options present a number of additional detailed information about the file the user has selected, starting from details regarding related files until conversations linked by e-mail.

This feature itself is currently still being tested, and it is unclear when Microsoft will present this feature, but one thing is certain, with the addition of this feature, in the future there will be more details presented in File Explorer.

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