After quite a long time attending as previews where Windows Insider users have got the new Media Player in Windows 11, Windows 10 users can actually get this media player manually through the installation media which you can see in the article that WinPoin has summarized following.

Regarding this new Media Player, some time ago Microsoft finally released a new update for Groove Music on Windows 10, where with this update available to all users, it will replace Groove Music with the new Media Player we already know.

If you were an active Groove music user before, don’t worry that all playlists you will be lost, because everything will be automatically migrated to this new Media Player.

In general, actually the new Media Player is better than Groove Music, you can see the review article itself on the following page: Short Review of the New Media Player in Windows 11

Now for you Windows 10 users, you can just update your Groove Music application from the Microsoft Store to get this new media player, or you can go directly to the link following.

via: Windows Latest

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