Reporting from WABetaInfo, it seems that WhatsApp is getting another upgrade in the form of additional security features and also a redesign of a number of parts of the Whatsapp application on Android and iOS.

We will discuss a little, the additional security features themselves are features aimed at increasing security awareness for users on the platform, where later there will be a number of features that include default privacy, automatic spam detection And proactive security alerts.

With this increase, it is hoped that users can be more secure in using WhatsApp, especially with so many cases spam chat who entered, where with automatic spam detection, messages that are considered spam will be deleted immediately before the user gets the message on their device.

Okay, let’s talk a little about features automatic spam detection this, in my opinion, this feature will have pros and cons because it seems that WhatsApp will be able to see incoming messages to be filtered through this feature, where if it is considered spam then we will not receive the message, and if not, then the message will come. to our WhatsApp. If that’s the case, isn’t that violating user privacy? Unfortunately, there is no additional detailed information regarding this, but hopefully not.

So, with this feature, WhatsApp can directly read incoming messages? what do you think? comment below guys.

Apart from that, in the WhatsApp Beta application version on iOS, there are a number of redesign including the presence of a profile photo in the settings button at the bottom left of the screen as shown in the following image.

In addition, later there will be a number of other buttons such as options popups when the user wants to make a call, and there are additional settings on the Status page as shown in the following image.

In addition, for the WhatsApp Beta version on Android, there will be a number of changes, including the discover channel which allows users to get news and updates from the people they want to follow, there is a change in the WhatsApp application to Material Design 3, and there is an overhaul of the emoji section as shown below.

So, this change itself will begin to roll out gradually after testing is complete on the Beta channel, but will users like it? especially features channel discover available on WhatsApp for Android? comment below guys.

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