If you are a OneDrive user who is very active in syncing several folders including Documents, Pictures and others, File Explorer will usually display status icon form green tick or cloud icon there, exactly like in the following image:

The icon shows whether the file or folder is available Online or Offline, so of course this icon is very useful for OneDrive users to use.

But what if you want to get rid of that display? Where you don’t want to see the status icon there? Actually, we can actually get rid of it and the steps themselves are very easy, here WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. First, please open File Explorer > Point Three > Options.

Step 2. Next, please navigate to the tab View > Then in the Navigation Pane, remove the option “Always show availability status”when finished, click Ok and the result will look like in the following image.

How easy isn’t it? please try it guys, good luck and hopefully useful.


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