Recently, Microsoft has released the Stable version of Microsoft Edge Chromium to version 108.0.1462.42, where in this version there are a number of improvements presented, guys, including improvements to encryption policy which is safer with TLS-encrypted Client Hello or ECH which helps improve privacy as well as others.

ECH itself replaces the previously used ESNI, which more or less is an enhanced SNI, you can read the article following to find out about how ECH or Encrypted Client Hello works.

So besides that, there are a number of security improvements as well, including improvements to CVE-2022-4262, CVE-2022-41115, CVE-2022-44688and CVE-2022-44708besides that there is a feature update on Graph APIs for Cloud Site List Managementas well as several improved policies.

In particular, maybe there aren’t any new features that we can immediately use every day, but of course this update is mandatory for us to get considering there are a number of improvements security important in this update.

via: Microsoft

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