For some Windows 11 users, especially users of older devices that are not compatible with minimum requirements Windows 11, upgrading is quite difficult and tricky, although indeed we can take alternative steps as you can read on the following page:

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Well besides that, recently I found an interesting tutorial from DeskModder, and I’m quite curious to try it, where if we have gotten the Update/Upgrade option to the latest Windows 11 version, even if there is no TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, we can get the new version.

Here let’s try and prove it. Here I am using Windows 11 Build 22598 which I will update to Build 22621.

After logging in to Settings > Windows Updates, the download process stops at 6% and an error window appears as in the following image.

And to overcome this, we can do the following steps:

Step 1. Create a new Text file in Notepad, then save it with a name and format AppraiserRes.dll.

If the format is still .txt, please change it to .etc first manually, by activating the option show File name extensions First, you can read the article on the following page: How to Show File Extensions in Windows 11.

Step 2. After the file is created, then copy it to Hidden Folder (C:$WINDOWS.~BTSources) then Replace.

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Step 3. When finished, reopen Windows Update, then run the update process again, it should now run normally without any error messages as shown above.

Yes, that’s great, it turns out that this tutorial from DeskModder worked, great. You can read the tutorial on the page following.

Now we just have to wait until the update process is complete. How would you like to try? just OTW guys. Good luck.


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