Fraudulent investments are investment activities through sources or partners that are not registered with the relevant investment management supervisory authority. in the Indonesian context The regulatory body may be the Financial Services Authority (OJK) or the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (BAPPEBTI), depending on the type of commodities offered.

The way this fraudulent investment is processed can be changed. since deposit crowdfunding, security fundingIllegal MLM, High Money Games ponzi project. OJK prohibits all of these methods. And you should avoid it if someone offers you these methods. to help you identify Here are some characteristics of fraudulent investments and how to avoid them:

1. No legality

The first is that the investment company does not have an official license from the relevant authorities. You can find a list of officially licensed companies on the OJK and BAPPEBTI pages. OJK is for capital market investment firms, while BAPPEBTI is for companies engaged in commodity trading. such as cryptocurrencies, CFDs, etc.

to fix this problem It is not uncommon for these fraud companies to include the OJK or BAPPEBTI logos on their websites or say they have a license at one of these institutions, so make sure you check the company’s license number on the internet. again and verify that the company with the license number is registered and still active.

2. Offer unreasonable benefits

This unreasonable investment gain can mean two things: Fraudulent companies offer exorbitant profits. Or offer profits at normal but too consistent rates?

for the first reason You have to keep in mind that investing in the capital markets usually only makes 10% of a year’s profit after the risk is calculated. Usually this profit is equivalent to the level of risk that must be sacrificed.

For the second reason Usually this is a feature of game money or ponzi schemes. The method is to attract investors with not too much but stable profits so that new investors will continue to buy relevant instruments. The money from the new investors is used by the fraudulent companies to pay the profits of the old investors.

3. Assets and management are unclear.

One thing you should check from companies offering fraudulent investments is their assets. These assets are not in the form of investment-only assets offered. but also includes office assets owned by the company. starting from the location of the office Is it really the office? who is the director whether they have a PT license or not, and so on.

It is not uncommon for such fake companies to rely solely on websites or social media accounts for marketing. And there are no official offices at all. In fact, to execute many investment orders, you need specialized equipment and reliable management. which is ready to keep your brain behind your desk.

4. Use of public figures

Fraudulent investments in the name of public figures often occur in fraudulent investments through telegram accounts with deposit forms. Deposit mechanisms are almost like mutual funds where investors only need to deposit funds for one party to manage without knowing the turnover effect.

It’s just that usually this form of deposit is for commodities such as forex or cryptocurrencies. And there are still doubts about its legality. It is also possible that the fraudulent investments of this model led to the financial game.

Make sure you take a look at the official social media owned by the relevant public figure to determine if that person has actually opened a way to deposit money. If so, the link you used is also valid.

In addition to using the name of a public person It is not uncommon for fake investment firms to use their official company names with small names. The goal is to make investors believe that the company is official even if it isn’t.

5. Transparency is questionable

Fraudulent investments with traditional methods Periodic document of investment management results will be attached. Once a week or once a month with investors

However, considering Sunton Capital’s case, there are still fraudulent investments that use state-of-the-art trading platforms. In order for investors to keep track of the movement of their investments, but suddenly the investor gets a margin call and no longer has access to the trading platform.

6. The history of the company is questionable.

Not just the legality and physical property. Fraudulent investment companies often have dubious digital tracking records. Either because they have a bad digital history or they can’t trace their history at all.

Because usually companies legally registered with OJK and BAPPEBTI don’t just have social media. But there is also an official website that can be considered both in appearance, information and security. in fact Securities companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange also have annual and financial reports.

The website also has a common domain such as .com or co.id and does not need to be accessed using a VPN.

7. The product presented is unclear.

Fraudulent investment companies usually only offer the type of products they offer. Whether it is stocks, mutual funds or other instruments It does not include important documents for related products such as stock financial statements. Fund Information Sheet or encrypted white paperIn fact, these documents are necessary to determine if an investment tool is good or not.

How to avoid foolish investments

Here are some tips to avoid fraudulent investments:

  1. don’t believe easilyWhether it’s believing in SMS ads or YouTube influencers, you shouldn’t simply believe it. What is the content of these ads?
  2. Regularly check the OJK version of fake investment listings.OJK continues to update the list of blocked fake investment websites.
  3. Get to know fraudulent investment methods.. From financial games to ponzi schemes You must understand how fraudulent investments are processed.
  4. do your researchThis research includes the actual addresses and offices of investment firms. which is the person behind And how is their history on the Internet?
  5. Understand your chosen investment toolThe reason is that in parallel with the development of the investment world in Indonesia The type of investment tools in this country is also growing rapidly, so make sure you understand how your chosen investment tool works before you buy directly.

It’s not uncommon for fraudulent investment firms like these to target middle-aged, low-internet and financially savvy individuals. The importance of financial literacy and how to avoid fraudulent investments


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