Raymond Hill, the man behind uBlock Origin recently published “uBO Minus” Experimental, a browser add-ons/extensions built with declarativeNetRequest API from Manifest v3.

Unlike uBlock Origin classicthis new version directly uses the browser’s built-in capabilities to filter content, eliminating the need for permission to access site data.

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For now, this Add-on is still under development, which is not yet available flyout and settings that users can access, other than that its function itself is still limited only to filtering network requests just.

In other words, there are many who become downgrade from uBlock Origin, that’s why Raymond Hill calls this development product “uBO Minus / uBlock Origin Minus” because apart from that it’s still limited to filtering network requests Of course, there are some things that are missing, including no cosmetic filtering, scriptlet injection and others.

If you are interested in seeing project from Unblock Origin with Manifest v3 support, you can go to the GitHub page following.

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Apart from uBlock Origin, since Google from January 2023 plans to discontinue Manifest v2 support on Google Chrome, almost all adblocker migrated to new Manifest versions, one of which is Adguard which has also started testing a new version with Manifest v3 support.

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