A support page Microsoft has just published recently, where Microsoft directly revealed that there are potential performance problems when users play games on Windows 11.

This performance issue is related to Memory Integrity and Virtual Machine Platform, both of which are considered to reduce gaming performance on Windows 11 systems.

little information, Virtual machine platforms is a feature that the system needs to run Virtual machines, Windows subsystem for Linux and Windows subsystem for Android which is also needed to run Android applications on Windows 11. While memory integrity is part of security toolkit Windows 11 (Windows 11 2022 Update) which serves to prevent and protect the system from malware.

If you don’t need these two features, Microsoft recommends users to disable both of them so that game performance runs better on the system they are using.

And here are the steps to disable Memory Integrity and Virtual machine platform.

Turning Off Memory Integrity

Step 1. First open Windows Security.

Step 2. Then select the section Device Security > Core isolation.

Then make sure the Memory Integrity section is Off.

Turning off the Virtual Machine Platform

Step 1. First open “Windows Features” or Turn Windows features on or off.

Step 2. As in the image above, make sure you disable the Virtual Machine Platform.

Step 3. When finished, click OK, then Restart Windows 11 that you are using.

Even so, unfortunately there may be users who need both these features or one of them, so this tip may have its good and bad, one thing is for sure, hopefully in the future, Microsoft can improve gaming performance in Windows 11 without any features that must be turned off by the user.

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