Now we notice that there is a lock icon on the section address bar from Google Chrome, where the icon indicates that the site we are visiting uses the HTTPS protocol and can be said to be safe.

But guys, it looks like Google will change the icon because according to Google, currently almost all sites use the HTTPS protocol, but that doesn’t mean that the site is safe to browse on Google Chrome, following Google’s statement.

"This misunderstanding is not harmless — nearly all phishing sites use HTTPS, and therefore also display the lock icon. Misunderstandings are so pervasive that many organizations, including the FBI, publish explicit guidance that the lock icon is not an indicator of website safety."

As we know, currently there are many sites phishing which has used the HTTPS protocol and by that means the lock icon is no longer an indicator that the site is safe to access, so Google decided to change the icon with a new icon.

The new icon that is expected to replace the lock icon is the icon tune where when clicked later the user will be directed to the settings and controls of the browser, exactly like in the following image.

Then when will this icon change? According to Google, the implementation of this new icon will be presented in Google Chrome version 117 which is planned to be present in early September 2023, and just like on Desktop, Google Chrome Android and iOS versions will also get the same implementation .

via: Google, Neowin


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