An online loan is ACC if the entire loan application process is completed correctly and correctly. As we all know, there are now many applications or platforms that offer online loan services.

These loans can be used in many ways, such as meeting daily needs. pay tuition Buy productive items or pay off debt, so you no longer need to go through the long-term borrowing process at the bank. The online loan application process is quick and easy.

But there are tips you can apply to get online loans approved even faster.

Tips To Get A Loan Online To Become ACC Fast You Need To Do It!

1. Download the correct loan application

The first trick is that you have downloaded the correct loan application on your mobile first. So that you no longer have to go through the download process when you are pressed for a credit.

You can download several online loan applications that are trusted and already authorized by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to be safe and not a fake loan that sells your identity. scam mode. If the application has been downloaded You can speed up the loan process.

2. Create an account and enter a valid OTP.

Next, as soon as you download the app All you have to do is create an account. Create an account just like when you create an email or social media. Then if the account is ready You will be asked to enter an OTP.

OTP or one time password It is a series of numbers used as a password or login. It is used only once and must be entered quickly within the specified amount of time.

This OTP is used to verify that the account and the borrower are the same person. In order to avoid misuse of personal information, OTP codes are usually sent either through a mobile phone number or via a phone number. It depends on the policy you choose.

3. Fill in personal information during registration.

The next step in applying for a loan The required process is to complete your personal information. Fill out the information as completely as possible. Starting from the name-surname that matches the ID card. Contact phone number The complete NIK address to the reference number of a friend or relative.

Make sure that when filling out the form and filling in your personal information. You’re actually filling out the form completely and accurately, otherwise you’d waste a lot of time improving your form filling out.

4. Have a good credit history

The next tip is that you must have a good credit history. Make sure you don’t have a bad credit history as this will affect the evaluation of your application for credit. Online loans that are sponsored by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) are often merged with BI audit

You can see what your credit history is like. Whether you pay late or default. Everything can be seen there. to make sure there is no bad credit before applying for a new loan

A good credit history will make your online loan application approved quickly.

5. Fill in the loan size according to your ability

Although the search was easy And the use of money is not limited to you. It doesn’t mean that you will borrow a large sum of money. Make adjustments to your ability for lenders to understand.

For example, your income is in the range of Rp 1 million, but you borrow money in installments of Rp 1.5 million per month. Therefore, the installment payment is more than the income you receive.

6. Using a photo according to the ID card

when applying for a loan Usually after filling out You will be asked to verify using your ID card. Make sure the photos taken meet the application requirements such as clear, blur-free photos and the location of the ID and face as recommended.

Blurred, blurry, and low-light photos often require you to repeat them until the shots meet the requirements. So you don’t have to repeat. and saves time to make the process faster

A photo that matches your identity card will help you approve your loan online faster.

7. The displayed number is active.

It seems small, but it’s very important. when entering a phone number Make sure each number is entered correctly. So that they can be contacted for inspection and the process will be faster.

That number must also be enabled. not a lost number or use the missing number As much as possible the number is used every day so that it can be easily contacted by the parties that need credit.

8. A bank account filled in the same as an ID card.

Here are some notes to make the disbursement process faster. You must be able to enter the account number with the same name as the name on the ID card. Because it will make it easier for funders to check.

Try not to use someone else’s account number. because even if you use an account that is owned by a relative But the loan cannot be disbursed due to a different identity. Create an account number that matches your ID card.

9. Stay in coverage area

Pay attention to this too. You are in coverage area or not. Because this will affect the speed of disbursement of your loan application. protection so that if there is a default Creditors can access your address.

usually coverage area These are known in the big cities. for externally filed loans coverage areaThen the scrutiny will be longer and more likely to be rejected.

10. Not Blacklisted

To quickly get an ACC loan, make sure you’re not an insider. blacklist. blacklist Loans are usually given to people who have failed multiple repayments or have never made repayments before.

Usually these people are marked with online loans. so that when they give credit again They will be rejected immediately. The person is usually verified through BI Checking and will be seen in the application of the already under-sponsored lender. Agency for Financial Services (OJK)

11. Pay installments on time

After disbursement must be paid in installments on time. This will affect your credit history. So you will get a good credit score. This will make it easier for you to apply for a loan later. The lender will be happy to give you the money.

Especially if you want to use it to run your business which can give you benefits. In order for the business to progress and develop and to be able to pay installments on time and as scheduled Here are 11 tips for getting approved online loans quickly. However, use loans wisely. Avoid using loans just for fun, because The dangers of online loans It’s huge and it will only hurt you.


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