Edge Sidebar may indeed be useful where users can make it quick access to various services and features in Microsoft Edge, namely direct access to Bing Chat and other additional tools.

And regarding the Edge Sidebar, there is some interesting information, because recently Microsoft has announced that they have allowed para developers to make edge extension themselves so they can run in the Sidebar Extension.

In page the announcementMicrosoft also explains a number of conditions and steps that can developers use to make Extensions in Edge Sidebar work, and even Microsoft added that too progressive web app developer can adapt it so that PWAs can later run side-by-side with the Microsoft Edge home page.

"We plan to help users discover and install sidebar apps as they browse the web, providing great discoverability for your app with just a simple change to your web application manifest file. This is a great option if you want to reuse your existing web app for the sidebar in Microsoft Edge and make full use of the web capabilities that are available to PWAs."

This capability is still in the early development stage, and we can’t see the exact details ourselves, but when it’s finished and released, it can certainly help users to do productivity.

What do you think? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

via: Microsoft, Neowin


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