Despite all the advantages of AirPods, Apple is now facing a lawsuit because of the TWS product. AirPods Pro have allegedly ruptured the eardrums of a 12-year-old boy in the United States.

The rupture of the eardrum of a child with the initials BG was not caused by listening to loud or too long music, but because he heard Amber Alert from his AirPods Pro.

When worn, the AirPods Pro were actually set at a low volume but the Amber Alert notification suddenly flashed very loudly for no apparent reason.

BG suffers from dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, nausea and permanent hearing loss in his right ear. He also had to wear a hearing aid to communicate.

Apple is accused of producing defective AirPods that are unable to reduce the alert volume or equalize the alert volume, and Apple claims to be aware of this.

The lawsuit claims that Apple was aware of the alleged design flaw and is seeking damages for BG and his parents who suffered serious emotional distress due to the AirPods Pro incident.

via MacRumors


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