Recently a user has reported that they received an unexpected cash deposit to their Google account balance through the Google Pay rewards program earlier this week.

According to a Reddit user followingmoney earned even up to $1000 USD and withdraw according to Google, if they have spent the money or have transferred it, they can keep it.

Meanwhile, reported from TechSpotusers who have received cash get a message from Google officially stating that it was their mistake to deposit funds into the user’s account, besides this problem has also been resolved and if possible fund has been retrieved from the user’s account.

In tweets and a number of information circulating, this is related to a term named dogfooding where this term refers to software testing pre release internally to find bugs and fix them before full release.

With the use of this term, it indicates that this free cash prize is meant to be sent to Internal Google employees or Partners in their testing, but due to a bug reportedly a number of users outside the company are also getting free money This.

And keep in mind, for anyone who has spent or transferred the money they earned, Google says they can keep it, and no further action is required.

So, what do you think about this? comment below guys.

via: TechSpot


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