You can download and get Skype Insider version now, where in this version there are a number of improvements presented by Microsoft, including the presence of new Bing support for Skype.

As seen in the image above, if you happen to be already registered as a user testing the new Bing Chat, you can now have conversations with the ChatBot and you can even start group conversations with Chatbot in Skype.

In addition, Skype on Android has also received a makeover launch screen animations.

And still in the same version, specifically for Mac users, you can control Skype to Skype Calls from the Touchbar on Mac. Meanwhile, there are several improvements that are also presented which include:

  • If a user received a pdf with a long name, it would push out the share button from view on all Platforms
  • Crashing when you click ‘Translate’ on Mac
  • Account was ‘forgotten’ regardless of what you clicked in the Sign Out dialog on Desktop

And yes, it seems that in the future Microsoft will completely overhaul its various platforms and services by integrating the new Bing which is now increasingly sophisticated, starting with Windows 11, Bing and maybe several other Microsoft 365 services.

For those of you who want to get Skype, you must first be registered with the Skype Insider Program, which you can register for the program on the page following.

via: Microsoft


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