Microsoft currently has Mobile Devices that use the Android OS, and even though these devices are less popular in Indonesia, in the United States it seems that the Microsoft Surface Duo has its own market and fans.

Now and because the OS that is presented on this device is Android, then of course this is related to the Google Play Store as a trusted application provider platform that users can get on their devices.

But friends, do you know, based on the latest reports via The Timesit is reported that Microsoft in its latest strategy for the development of their Mobile devices, seems to want to launch its own App Store and of course this is quite surprising, because with that they will try to compete with Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Reporting from The Times, in an interview with Microsoft’s Xbox head Phil Spencer, it is reported that Microsoft wants to create a rival to the Google Play Store, but will initially focus more on games first.

“We’ve really got the backing of regulators when we talk about opening up mobile devices and being a credible third-party alternative on those devices — and we’re still a long way from there today,” Spencer said to The Times.

Even so, unfortunately until now there has been no detailed information about this alternative from Microsoft’s Google Play Store, but one thing is certain, this new application will be available exclusively for Android only.

Since there is no definite news yet, we consider this to be just a rumour, but if it really happens, will Microsoft’s Store be able to compete with the Google Play Store?

What do you think? comment below guys.

via: The Times, Windows Latest, News Softpedia


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