Recently, Steam on its official page revealed the results of survey what they have done, where it turns out that the results show a significant increase in Steam users using Windows 11.

Quoted from the official page Steamin October 2022, the number of Windows 11 users was around 24.22%, while the number of Windows 11 users was around 71.41%, but this month, the number of Windows 11 users increased by 4.89% to 29.11% and the number of Windows 10 users decreased by 3.16 %.

The surge in the number of Steam users using Windows 11 may be because users have started upgrading the Windows 10 operating system to Windows 11, considering that the numbers of decreases and increases that have occurred in the two operating systems are almost the same.

Apart from that, Windows 11 itself is actually quite stable for users to use, even though it had some time ago reported there were a number of issues regarding Nvidia graphics, but now a fix has been presented and the problem should no longer be experienced by users.

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So regarding this, are you one of those who have updated your system to Windows 11? comment below guys.

via: Steam

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