Introduced in 2017 and meant to compete with Instagram and Snapchat, YouTube Stories is apparently going to be phased out by Google starting June 26, 2023.

Now for those who don’t know, previously Youtube Stories was called Youtube Reels but changed its name to Stories in 2018, where this feature is exclusive to users with 10,000 Subs or more.

But guys, even though at first Youtube Stories looked interesting to use, it’s a shame that many creators rarely use this feature, where creators prefer to use the Youtube Community to send messages and short notifications.

And because of this where users prefer to use Youtube Community and Youtube Short, Google has finally decided to officially announce the death date of one of these services, where starting June 26 2023 or about one month from now, this service is officially removed and will no longer be available. for users to use.

"Starting on 6/26/2023 the option to create a new YouTube Story will no longer be available. Stories that are already live on that date will expire 7 days after they were originally shared." 

But there is one important note, where creators who use this service on that date, Stories will still be broadcast for 7 days since they were first published.

So how often do you see creators making Youtube Stories? comment below guys, and are you one of the creators with 10k subs? comment below too.

via: Google

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