WinUI 3 Gallery Apps is a new application released by Microsoft which contains references to all the controls that developers can implement in applications they create with the Windows App SDK and WinUI 3.

In general it can be said that the WinUI 3 Gallery Apps application is a guide for integrating modern interface elements into Windows applications that are being created by developers, starting from layouts, animations and more.

And in the latest update of WinUI 3 Gallery Apps, Microsoft is bringing a number of changes including the presence of a new application icon, a new UX and also a new design that helps users choose icons, brushes and type styles.

This application itself is also one of Microsoft’s Open Source applications where users can contribute to the development of this application via the GitHub page. following.

In addition, this application also runs on Widnows 10 build 17763.0 or higher including Windows 11, and also runs on x86, x64, and Arm64 architectures. And in version 2.0.0 which was released today, there are several changes which include:

- New app icon
- Refreshed app design & UX
- New "Design Guidance" section to easily select the right icons, brushes, and type styles
- New pages dedicated to Accessibility and making apps more usable
- Various bug fixes & improvements

Of course, you can get this update through the Microsoft Store page following.

So, have you installed this application? If not, maybe that’s a natural thing because this application is not intended for all users except users who work as application developers and are developing applications based on the Windows App SDK and WinUI 3. But have you used it? this app? comment below guys.

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