Do you still remember Skype? Yep, this service is still running even though it’s less popular than other Microsoft services, and you know, in version 8.90 that Microsoft just released, there are a number of new features introduced.

One such new feature is the presence of the ability to save phone number as contact easily as well as the ability to access pages profile easily just by clicking on the profile name only.

Meanwhile, for iPhone and iPad, when you get an image sent via Skype, now users can tap and hold on notification message to get image previews from lockscreen.

So, you can get some of these capabilities by updating Skype to version 8.90 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Apps including iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, there are a number of other improvements that include improvements which include:

  • Notification issues on Amazon FireOS
  • On changing the language continuously, the Done button was disabled on Windows
  • Call and messaging issues on Android for some of our users in China

Not using Skype yet? You can download Skype via the page following. Or do you prefer other services with better features? comment below guys.


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