In recent years, interest in investing in mutual funds has increased. This is evidenced by the increasing number of circulating mutual funds and the net asset value (NAV) of this tool over the past few years.

According to capital market statistics published by OJK on the 3rd Sunday of July. There are currently 2,191 mutual funds in the market, with a total NAV of about 546 trillion. This number is up compared to 2017, when it was only 1,777 that year, with a total NAV of 457 trillion.

However, did you know that in this sector there are many parties involved in the capital market industry? This means that the higher the NAV value of a mutual fund. The more business opportunities for these parties will be. What company is it? Check out his comments below:

Parties that play a role in mutual fund management

1. Investment Manager

Investment Manager (MI) is a company that issues mutual funds while managing investors’ money. For example, Manulife Asset Management Indonesia (MAMI), PT Danareksa Investment Management, etc. Currently, there are approximately 96 investment managers holding OJK licenses. official

2. Custodian Bank

Funds deposited by investors are not kept by the investment manager. The institution responsible for the storage and management of investor funds is Custodian Bank. Several banking companies that offer custodial services include HSBC Bank, BCA Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank.

3. Sales representative

A sales representative is an institution appointed by an investment manager to market the mutual fund products they issue. These institutions can be securities companies, banking companies, insurance companies. and in the past few years including financial technology companies (fintech) such as Barexa and seeds.

4. Regulators

A regulator is an institution that generally oversees and manages the capital markets in Indonesia. So that the atmosphere of the capital markets in this country can be favorable and far from deviant. What does the regulator in Indonesia mean, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as the supervisor and the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) as the organizer.

5. Issuer

An issuer is a certain entity that issues securities (securities), whether in the form of stocks, bonds, or other securities. in the context of mutual funds Stocks and bonds from bond issuers are the final destination for the flow of funds from investors.

6. Investor

A mutual fund investor is a person or institution who deposits some of their assets to invest in this instrument. Subsequently, investors of these instruments are entitled to profits in the form of investment gains, dividends or coupons based on the type of investment instrument. in their investment portfolios

Top NAB Mutual Fund Manager Rankings in Indonesia

in context Investment Manager, also known as mutual fund management company.It is important for investors to choose a company with a high net asset value (NAV), as this NAV indirectly describes the level of public trust in investment managers.

1. PT Manulife Asset Management Indonesia (MAMI)

As of July 2022, Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia (MAMI) is the largest NAV investment manager. Total assets managed by this executive amounted to Rp 53.76 trillion. Investment products issued by this company are Manulife Dana Kas II Class A (RDPU), Manulife Syariah Sukuk Indonesia (Sharia Bond Fund) and Manulife Dana Saham Class A (Equity Fund).

2. PT Bahana TCW Investment Management

Bahana TCW Investment Management is an investment management company formed by a state-owned company and leading investment management firm from the United States, Trust of the West (TCW), as of April 2022, investment management firm 41.47. Investment products issued by this company are: Bahana Liquid Fund (RDPU), Bahana Makara Prima Fixed Income (RDPT) and Bahana Dana Ekuitas Prima (RDS)

3. PT Batavia Prosperindo Asset Management

As of May 2022, this company manages Rp 39.75 trillion in cash. Some of the company’s musical instruments include Batavia Dana Kas Maxima, Batavia Dana Dinamis and Batavia Dana Saham.

4. PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi (MMI)

Mandiri Investment Management (MMI) is an investment management company that is part of one of the largest state-owned banks in the country, Bank Mandiri. As of May 2022, the company’s NAV is 38.28 trillion and makes it one of the largest publicly traded banks in the country. biggest investment Examples of MMI-managed mutual funds include Mandiri Investa Pasar Uang (MIPU), Mandiri Investasi’s National Bonds (MINION), and Mandiri Investa Ekuitas Syariah (MIES).

5. PT Sucorinvest Asset Management Co., Ltd.

In July 2022, this large investment management firm, formerly of investment influencer Felicia Putri, managed a 35.95 trillion rupiah mutual fund. Products issued by this company are Sucorinvest Money Market Fund (RDPU), Sucorinvest Equity Fund (RDS) and Sucorinvest Bond Fund (RDPT).

6. PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia

With $32.29 trillion in total assets under management as of May 2022, this British investment manager has become one of the largest mutual fund management firms in Indonesia. Some of the products managed by this company are Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund (RDS), Progressive Mixed Fund Schroder Mutual Fund and Schroder Dana Likuid Mutual Fund (RDPU).

7. PT Danareksa Investment Management

Danareksa is one of the pioneers of mutual fund products in Indonesia. The company, which was acquired by BRI since May 2022, has 30.45 trillion in assets under management and has become one of the most respected investment management firms in Indonesia.

8. PT BNI Asset Management

Another investment management company affiliated with the state-owned bank, BNI Asset Management, as of May this year. The company has manageable assets of Rp 30.16 trillion. Investment products issued by this company include BNI-AM Dana Likuid, BNI-AM Inspiring Equity Fund and BNI-AM INDEX IDX30.

9. PT Trimagah Asset Management

The highest rated NAB mutual fund manager in Indonesia is Trimegah Asset Management, with assets under management as of May 2022 of Rp 27.30 trillion. One of the products released by this investment management company is Trimegah Kas Syariah.

10. PT Syailendra Capital

Syailendra Capital is one of the experienced investment management firms, as of July 2022 it manages a NAV of Rp 25.76 trillion. Examples of investment instruments from this company are Syailendra Equity Opportunity Fund and Syailendra MSCI Indonesia Value Index Fund (SMSCI) Class A.


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