One of the features that Threads users are probably currently asking for is the DM feature or a direct messaging feature between users, where this feature was requested because it makes it easier for users to communicate with other users privately, just like those present on other social media including Twitter. .

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However, regarding this matter, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram as well as part of Meta, revealed that they did not plan to present the Inbox feature in Threads and advised users to use other applications, including Instagram.

"For now our plan is to not build yet another inbox, and instead let people send threads to other apps, including Instagram DMs but also apps we don’t own. It might not make sense long-term, but we thought we’d start simple," Ungkap Adam Mosseri

According to the information circulating, Meta seems to want to keep the Threads platform simple by not bringing in many features on it, including DM, but there may be other plans in the future that will change this decision.

Do you want Threads to have a DM feature? Comment below guys, and give your opinion.

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